Oh Grandfather, tell me how it was when you were young
Was the world so very old when your life had just begun
Oh Grandfather, tell me is it true you worked the land
And the tools that you used you made with your own hands

Before time was only money and machines made man a slave
Was the world all milk and honey before all the streets were paved

--Peter Rowan - Before the Streets were Paved


I am a Twin Cities-based web developer / software engineer / consultant specializing in lightweight, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for small businesses, projects, and organizations.

The ubiquitous availability of computers and the internet presents countless opportunities for any business, project, or organization. Unfortunately, most opportunities never become realities because there is nobody around (or the resources to get somebody around) with the expertise to make them happen. These businesses quickly reach the limit of the benefits to be had from desktop office software and miss out on all the real potential of today's computing power and internet availability and instead are forced to endlessly toil with technologies that are ill-suited to their needs.

Custom technology solutions have traditionally been the privilege of large companies with ample IT budgets, while smaller companies are left to fend for themselves with whatever pre-packaged software they can find (and still pay piles of money for). Interestingly, this also used to be the case with both computer hardware and their accompanying programming languages. Over time, though, both of those things became commodities--that is, they became standardized, interchangeable, mass-produced, and increasingly inexpensive.

Fortunately, the same thing is happening with software. Because many people who produce quality software have released their work to the community with no strings attached, others have been able to build on their work and then release their own work in turn back to the community.

This process has resulted in a freely-available, comprehensive set of powerful software, standards, programming languages, frameworks, and methodologies. Those that know how to take advantage of these things can maximize the benefits offered by computers and the internet in an efficient, cost-effective way, bringing custom technology solutions within the reach of smaller businesses, which allows them to be more efficient, more effective, and to set themselves apart from their competition.

Now Grandson, remember in the days that are to come
One thing I will tell you before my life on earth is done

Don't let time be only money, don't let machines make you a slave
And taste the milk and honey before all the streets are paved
Yeah, there's more to time than money, more to treasure than to save
And taste the milk and honey before all the streets are paved

--Peter Rowan - Before the Streets were Paved

Finally, instead of technology for technology's sake, the right solution can be tailored to your needs so that you can stop being a slave to technology and it can start working for you.